Saturday, February 25, 2006

Babies and editing

I'm reading through The Shadows of Night now. DH will read through it tonight. Then I'll fix any remaining problems and send it off Monday. And then it'll be released in less than a month! Yay!

Baby had his year checkup yesterday. He's 95th percentile height (expected) but only 70th percentile weight. Which surprises me, because he looks chubby to me. But I guess all babies look pretty chubby. He's certainly nowhere near as chubby as Kid #2, whom we called "Sumo Baby."

The baby got two shots yesterday. There's nothing more heartrending than holding your baby's arms so he can't struggle and seeing the stark betrayal in his eyes when the nurse sticks a needle into his thigh. (Yes, it's absolutely necessary, but I still hate to see that look in their eyes!) As she gave him his shots, he gave me a look of shock and horror, then began roaring with fury. As soon as I picked him up, though, he stopped crying, looked over at the nurse, and waved a friendly bye-bye as she left. No more tears... he was perfectly happy, as if the shots had never happened. I've never had a baby who brushed off shots so readily. I don't know if he's brave, or just not too bright:-).

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