Tuesday, February 7, 2006

A baby no longer

My baby is a year old today. Hard to believe... I'm not sure where the past year has gone!

I didn't have much access to the computer yesterday because DH had the day off, and he insisted on reading through The Shadows of Night before the next round of edits, to make sure he caught any errors. Because you know editors just can't be trusted. *Grins wryly at editor, who visits this blog* Seriously, I do rely on DH's sharp eyes, but I think he's getting a slightly inflated notion of his own importance. Or maybe not. I have to admit my manuscripts wouldn't be nearly as clean without him acting as my critique partner. And it really doesn't hurt to have him go over a manuscript a third or fourth time. I think a higher priority, though, is for him to work on my website-- it badly needs an update.

Yesterday was unusually chaotic because Oldest Kid had another stomach problem and came home from school, and child #3 always has Mondays off. So I had too many darn people underfoot yesterday. Today they are all going away (well, except the little guy) and I'll get some work if it kills me.

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  1. Maybe he just wants an excuse to read either a)your writing or b)romance novels and editing yours is the only way he feels it's okay to get his fix ;)

    Regardless, it's neat that he's so interested and likes to help out! Nothing better than a supportive husband.