Friday, February 10, 2006

What I'm reading

I just finished Sex, Lies, and Online Dating, by Rachel Gibson. I enjoyed it a great deal. I always like Gibson's books, and this one was fun. Now I'm working on reading Bad Boys Ahoy!, by Sylvia Day. Terrific so far-- I'm almost through the second novella, and it's wonderful. Yesterday I bought Guys and Dogs, by Elaine Fox. I've found her to be a bit uneven, but I liked her most recent contemporary, so I figured I'd give her another shot. And I have now accumulated a nice little pile of Bombshells. I've never read this line, but I've been meaning to try one or two. This week I found a bunch of them on the library sale cart for twenty-five cents apiece, so I grabbed them.

In short, my TBR pile is starting to take over my house. I think I should quit buying for a while and start reading faster!

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  1. Rachel Gibson gave the keynote address at a conference I attended last weekend. I bought Sex, Lies and Onlind Dating and look forward to reading it. Good to know that you enjoyed the read. Thanks, Ellen!