Thursday, February 2, 2006

Work, etc.

I finished up my edits for The Shadows of Night and got them back to my editor today. Now I'm awaiting round two. In the meantime, I need to expand that partial for the interested agent.

Speaking of agents, I got a complimentary email from another agent today, praising one of my books and asking if I was seeking representation. I'm checking into her before I respond, since agents very rarely approach authors (particularly small fry such as myself!) and it pays to be careful. It'd be nice to have a reputable agent read one of my books and be struck by an overwhelming desire to represent me. It happens, but it's extremely rare.

And finally, my older daughter's school is experiencing bomb threats written on the bathroom walls. The police don't consider it a "credible threat," but apparently all the kids are stressed out, and rumors are flying. Sigh... it's a nasty world in which we live. Kids should be able to go to school without worrying about whether they'll be blown up or not.

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