Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yes, I'm still here...

just boring as all heck. DH didn't get me roses or a card yesterday, just a virtual bouquet of roses, which did not totally meet with my approval. But he did take me out to O'Charley's for Valentine's Day, so he is forgiven for his transgressions. Mostly.

The baby woke up with an eye swollen half shut this morning. I was concerned, but when I washed out all the gunk (he has a little cold), I figured out some of the gunk had hardened overnight and scratched the outer eyelid. Yuck... more than you really wanted to know, right? Yeah, me too. Anyway, it healed up rapidly once I degunked it. And yes, this was the major event of my day, which should explain to you why I haven't blogged till now. My life isn't exactly headed for a major motion picture adaptation anytime soon, I'm pretty sure.


  1. lol - you wouldn't like living at my house then - we don't V day, anniversaries, birthdays or christmas pressies.