Monday, May 29, 2006

A quiet weekend

I've had a nice, quiet weekend. I did do those edits on I'll Be There For You (and my editor informed me she'd be sending round 2 back in a couple of days, yay), but otherwise I've mostly loafed. It's a holiday weekend, after all. Meanwhile VH mulched the flower beds with 15 cubic yards of mulch, which took him two days of heavy labor under the blazing sun (it was 88 yesterday). I'd have happily helped, but he doesn't want help with stuff like that. It's a chest-thumping guy thing, I guess. So I loafed and watched VH work. Life is good:-).


  1. Sounds like your husband had a good time flexing his muscles! : )

  2. Muscles? Is that what these noodle-like things are?


  3. Are you kidding me, Don? You're a sexy mass of muscles. Now get back to work and quit wasting time.