Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The world's most amazing toddler!

...well, in his mommy's opinion, anyway. I must brag on my little guy a bit. He's about fifteen months old now, and rapidly developing words. He says up, dog, ball, mom, dad, cup, mine ("mineminemine!!"), button (pronounced "but-but-but," by which he means the handicapped access button to the library door, which he loves to push), and book. And I may have forgotten some. Isn't he amazingly brilliant??

Yeah, I know most fifteen-month-olds are starting to develop spoken vocabularies, and he isn't all that exceptional. But I'm a typical deluded mom, and I think he's awesome. However, he's also seriously opinionated, very pushy around other kids, and a total alpha male. Never had one like that before, so I'm thinking our lives may become very interesting when he hits the terrible twos!

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