Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A boy wrote down his phone number in my daughter's electronic organizer yesterday and told her to call him. She did, and they talked for forty-five minutes. She's eleven. Sheesh. I'm having a freaked-out mom day.

Meanwhile, the toddler continues to pick up new words. He is very vocal and won't shut up, even in church. He has a lot to say and makes sure everyone can hear him. As a result, he's been spending most of his Sunday mornings in the church nursery lately:-).


  1. OKay, I know I just lurk...but I'm starting to wonder if you're still alive??

    Ellen? You okay? Did you survive Halloween?

  2. Hello? Hellllooooo? *echo*

    Sahsa, road trip time. We'll head for VA and see if Ellen is alive.

  3. I think thats a good idea, Charlene. Maybe she's been kidnapped by some hunky hero from one of her books. SHe might need help. *grin*

  4. Actually I emailed her to ask if she'd been kidnapped by aliens and it turns out she just lost her dialup because some bozo took out a line.

    Alien abduction by a hunky hero sounds a lot more exciting, doesn't it?