Thursday, February 4, 2010

My best buddies - a picspam

I posted some on my old journal about the two new guys in my life, but a proud mommy can never show too many pictures. A couple of years ago, I bought a tiny little ball of gray fluff:

The tiny ball of fluff rapidly expanded into seventy pounds of fluff (and a lot of heart, but absolutely no brain). His name is Big Blue Hero, Hero for short, and despite the unfortunate lack of brain power, he is indeed a hero who guards his house and people zealously, while allowing the four-year-old to use him as a pillow without complaint. He is a puppy at heart and will fetch balls or stuffed toys for hours.

Since Hero was so clearly the best dog ever, I went back to the breeder and bought one of his brothers six months later. (They have the same father, and their mothers are full sisters.) This was our second ball of fluff:

Thanks to the blue eyes, he was dubbed Electric Blue Impulse, or Impulse for short. Hero loved the new puppy (or as he saw it, his new chew toy) and the two of them rapidly became inseparable:

Impulse (usually called Impy) defends his family and house just as enthusiastically as Hero, but he has one true purpose in life, and that is to lick faces. He'll settle for hands, but he'd much rather lick your face.

He is a sweetie, and unlike Hero, he does possess a brain. His one unfortunate habit is eating anything he comes across, which is going to land him in the doggy hospital one of these days.

They've grown into two beautiful seventy-pound dogs who adore their family and each other:

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