Thursday, March 18, 2010

Books and boards

I got two more four-star reviews on All I Ever Wanted from happy readers on Amazon. At the same time, my sales seem to have picked up a bit today, to the point where In the Mood actually got back on the Kindle contemporary romance list (and okay, yeah, it's #97, so it's not exactly burning up the charts, but still...) I don't know if the nice reviews are causing my small bump in sales, or if I've been mentioned somewhere again, or if it's just a random uptick. Having access to your sales figures 24/7 can cause you to obsess on them more than you really should:-). I did hit a nice milestone figure today, but I'm saving all talk about hard figures for the end of the month, so I won't share how many copies I've sold just yet.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to avoid all controversy and unpleasantness over on the Amazon boards. It does appear most people are okay with indie authors and promotion; they just don't like it when the promotion gets out of hand, which is understandable. I'm mostly avoiding the debate on the topic, just because it isn't in my best interest to tick anyone off, and we all know that internet debate=ticking people off.

And finally, I got a sort-of rejection on Never Love a Stranger; my editor at Samhain doesn't really want to take a look at a previously published book. So I guess that one will be going up on Amazon, too, which is fine. Thus far, I'm fairly happy with the Amazon experiment (though it'll be interesting to see what happens to sales when the iPad is released!). So that's one to add to the backlist queue!

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