Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do naked men sell books?

Isn't It Romantic? has been up a couple of days now, and has only sold ten copies. I'm not concerned yet, because I've noticed that it often takes a little while for sales to get rolling. Furthermore, the description of the book isn't up yet (for some reason Amazon tends to be very slow about this), which does not encourage people to buy it. I am wondering, though, if the pretty, more romantic cover is perhaps contributing to the lack of sales. Obviously publishers think romance readers like naked male torsos, but do they really make a big difference in sales?

I don't know the answer yet. I'll give it at least a month before I mess around with the cover, but if it's still not selling well in a month, I may consider changing the cover to yet another half-nude guy. I'm not proud. If naked guys are what it takes to sell, then naked guys are what the reader gets!

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