Friday, March 19, 2010

Hero, happy dog

I took Hero to the vet today because he had a small "hot spot" on his foot (as any dog owner knows, a small hot spot can blow up into a big problem quite quickly), and it was almost time for his yearly checkup anyway. Hero didn't mind. He loves people and he loves new experiences. He's a "drink life to the lees" kind of dog. Even though this vet was new to him, he bounded into the vet's office as if he owned it, jumped up to greet the ladies behind the desk, fawned joyfully over the vet and the vet's assistant, and in general acted as if he was having the most wonderful time of his life. He did utter a small growl of protest when the vet tried to look at his foot, which was not surprising, since it obviously hurt a bit. But we distracted him with treats, and the vet patted him, and he was fine after that. He didn't even object to having the bordatella inoculation stuck up his nose-- in fact, he thanked the vet for doing it with sloppy kisses.

Hero is a sweet dog. Not a bright dog. But a sweet dog:-).

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