Friday, March 26, 2010

An indie book

I want to support my fellow indie authors, but there is a lot of indie junk out there, as one might expect. Fortunately Amazon has a great "sample" function, and will send you a fairly substantial chunk of the book free. Of course, if the writing is truly terrible, you only need to read a page or two to realize that. I've gotten a few samples that were frankly atrocious. I've read several others that were decent, but with certain obvious flaws in the writing that made me think the entire book would probably be on the amateurish side. And I've seen a few samples that were very good.

One of the best-selling Kindle authors seems to be Karen McQuestion. I just read her book Easily Amused, which falls somewhere between the contemporary romance and chick lit genres. I enjoyed it. Her writing is strong, and the book had a fun, light quality to it. I like the cover, too:

I liked this one well enough that I'm putting her book A Scattered Life onto my list to read, too.

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