Friday, April 16, 2010

Could I get some rain, please?

As I've said before, the people who owned my house previously liked azaleas and small daylilies a lot. I like a little more variety in my plants, so I'm adding to the beds around the house. It hasn't rained in a week and a half, and the ground is like concrete, but today I optimistically bought six Asian lilies and four bearded iris to plant. I figured it's gotta rain sometime. Right?

Wrong. I checked the forecast, and it's not supposed to rain for the foreseeable future. Ugh. After all the rain we got earlier in the spring, it's just... quit. It is not easy to dig in this soil when it's dry, but my plants do need to go in sometime, so I'm soaking the grounds in the beds with a hose. These plants are going in sometime this weekend, rain or no rain!

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