Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cover art and other stuff

The cover artist who's doing my cover for Farthest Space: The Wrath of Jan sent me a pencil sketch of it. It is AWESOME, y'all. You're gonna love it. It never had its own cover before, since it was in an anthology, and this cover is just perfect. I'm like totally inspired to go work on the sequel now. Too bad I have to clean house today *sighs*.

Meanwhile, Stranger is not selling well at $1.99. Some indie authors seem to do well at that figure, but alas, not I. I think perhaps it's a genre thing, or maybe it's just that people see my promo for Stranger, go check it out, and see that my other books are cheaper, so they naturally buy the cheaper ones. I guess I can understand that, but I want Stranger to be a hit, darn it!

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