Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hot, sexy author seeks readers of website

So, I'm asking myself the question every author ought to ask herself-- how can I get more people to look at my website? I've seen people talk about fresh content. You know, new stuff beyond self-promotion, interesting content that actually encourages people to come to your site. Blog entries are one of those things (although since I usually link to my journal when I post on other people's blogs, it's quite likely that people are visiting my journal without ever checking out my primary website). And blog entries are more for other authors than they are for readers, a lot of the time.

But a very good way to get readers to your site is short stories. If you produce free fiction, they will come. Wait... that sounded naughty. Well, you know what I mean. My professional website is getting, what, three hits a day? Not good. People are more likely to drop by to check out a free story or two. And it's not like writing short fiction is hard for me, anyway. So what I want to do is produce a new short story every month, and post it up over there in the sidebar so people can find it. Hopefully this will get readers to check out my writing and go on to buy my books... a kind of "gateway drug," as J.A. Konrath puts it.

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