Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm on Twitter, and trying to post more actively. I'd love it if you'd follow me!

I'm still torn about getting a more professional website. Nice designs aren't cheap, and on top of that, I'm not sure I could maintain it myself, not being an expert in HTML. And I usually update once a month or more. So maybe I'm better off sticking with Blogger, which is easy for the technically challenged to play around with...

Kid #2 is twelve today. Twelve!!!


  1. You can always get a site designed on WordPress. Then it's easy to update yourself.

    Happy bday to Kid #2! It's my mom's bday, but I won't reveal her age. She's 21 years older than me. That's revealing enough, LOL.

  2. Isn't WordPress just a blogging platform, like Blogger?