Sunday, April 18, 2010


Never Love a Stranger's sales are improving. 99 cents does seem to be the key, for me at least.

Tonight, In the Mood hit 300 sales for the month. This little book has been going gangbusters, and I don't know why-- I haven't been promoting it (except occasionally in sig lines), and I never considered it my best book. Not saying it's bad, but it's just a fun little piece of fluff. But for some reason it's become my number one seller, with over 700 sales altogether so far.

I guess this could be partly attributed to the "bestseller effect"-- once it got onto the bestseller list, it stayed there. But All I Ever Wanted and Isn't It Romantic? have both been on the bestseller list too, so I don't think that explains it fully. It may be the cover, which is certainly one of my most striking (I like the color and the font, and the guy on the cover is a little more suggestive than my others). Or it may be something totally different that I haven't figured out yet. Regardless, it's doing very well and I'm glad!

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