Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another cover change

This morning, I redid my All I Ever Wanted cover. It's my second best seller, but lately sales have slacked off. I don't know why. I doubt the cover has a thing to do with it, but I've never been really enamored of it. Although it looks good in large size, the thinner font seems to disappear in a thumbnail. So I redid the lettering. The old cover:

The new cover:

Again, I don't expect this to have any significant impact on sales. I just wanted it to be more readable, more eyecatching (brighter colors), and more "branded" (the same font as my other romantic comedies).

ETA: But having looked at it on Amazon, the green lettering, which looks fine here, fades away as a thumbnail. Grrr, I hate having to design for thumbnails! I guess I'll go back to the tried-and-true white lettering, which is at least visible in a small picture.

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