Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ellen joins the 21st century

Today I was thinking mournfully about the probable expense of having a new phone line run to my office (after buying a big backyard playset yesterday, I'm feeling kind of broke!) and suddenly I had a brilliant thought: "Hey, my netbook is wireless. Couldn't my computer be wireless too?"

Not only could it be wireless, but it could be wireless for about forty bucks. I got the necessary hardware from Best Buy, installed it, and moved my computer out of my library. I am now coming to you, live and wireless, from my brand new, fully armed and operational battle statio-- er, office. Sorry, got carried away there:-).

Anyway, I'm happy to be moved in. Now I have to clear all my accumulated junk out of the library so the kids can go back to using that as a quiet, pleasant reading room, instead of a room where Mom yells SHUSH I'M WORKING!!! ten times a day.

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