Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My kingdom for a pen

One of my major irritants in working out of the library was that my desk area (such as it was) was not large enough, and I could never find what I needed in the clutter of papers that accumulated. I have two shelves filled with organizers now, and I'm hoping things will be easier to find. But today I made the most important purchase of all-- a holder for pens, and a large package of pens to put in it. I have been driven nuts, over and over again, by the tendency of every pen in the house to suddenly disappear into a black hole the minute I need one, and I promised myself that once I had a decent office, I would buy a bunch of pens and something to keep them corralled in.

So now I have 48 pens sitting on my desk. I figure it'll take at least a week to lose them all *grins*.

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