Monday, May 31, 2010

This month's results

It amazes me that my sales keep improving. I'm very grateful to all my readers. Thank you!

Here is this month's ending sales report (still a couple of hours left in the day, but there is unlikely to be any major change):

As you can see, I sold over 1600 books this month, for a grand total of almost 3800 (if I continue at this rate I should hit 5000 books sold next month, wow!). I've heard of several indie writers selling around 1000 downloads of a single book this month, so this hardly puts me at the top of the class, but it's not bad. It's a decided improvement over last month's total of 1272. Something to note is that this is the first month when I didn't get some sort of a big external boost. Books on the Knob featured me in March; the Galaxy Express featured me in April. Galaxy Express did kindly mention my newest this month, but it was just a cover and a mention, not a big interview. So these sales presumably simply reflect the fact that readers are beginning to recognize my name and titles.

Worth noting is that I've now sold over a thousand copies each of In the Mood and All I Ever Wanted (one is a 24,000-word novella and one is a full 104,000-word novel, for those of you who wonder if novels sell better than novellas or vice versa). Isn't It Romantic? has had over 800 sales, and will likely be my next book to hit a thousand in sales. Note that it became my bestseller this month... I still credit the new cover for that.

Never Love a Stranger did very well this month, I think. Farthest Space looks fairly pathetic compared to the rest, but my books usually start slow (NLaS was an exception due to the fact that it was featured on Galaxy Express last month), and Farthest Space is doing a lot better than Isn't It Romantic? did its first month. I'm hoping it will take off next month.

Also worth mentioning is that my slightly more expensive Samhain books are also showing signs of regular sales on Amazon (judging from sales rank movement). They aren't selling as well as my indie books, clearly, but I'd guess I've sold forty or fifty overall this month. Not bad for old books.

Coming in June: Love Remembered, a colonial Virginia romance. We'll see how it does!


  1. Well done, and it's interesting to see the change in covers, and the change it makes to sales.

  2. Congratulations! Thanks for the updates (and for mentioning my blog).

  3. Fantastic news - congratulations. Long may it continue!