Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fingers, clocks, and other stuff

I slashed the hell out of my little finger while cutting open a bag of dog food. I'm not usually that uncoordinated, but I guess we all have stupid days. It bled like mad and for a little while I was worried I'd have to have a stitch or two, but it finally stopped, and I put on a Band-aid. And yesterday I forgot to put sunscreen on my back when we went to the beach, so I'm nice and red on my back. Apparently I got to have two stupid days in a row:-).

I got myself a nice hall clock at Pier One. (If I can ever find my camera I'll take a picture.) It was originally $299, reduced to $119. I think it looks great, and it has a nice heavy weighted base, so my furry torpedoes won't knock it over on one of their mad dashes through the house.

I've spent days cleaning out my disgusting minivan. We got the cargo area cleaned out the other day, and I vacuumed it out today. The only major thing left is the third row of seats, which is narrow and will be hard to get into to clean properly. Once I have it all cleaned and vacuumed I may have the interior detailed, since there is some staining on the carpets I don't think I'll be able to get out on my own. Then again, when a van has 100,000 miles on it I'm not sure it's really worth the money to detail it, so I may just shrug and live with the stains!

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