Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grrrr on the old person

My dad couldn't get hold of me today (turned out my phone battery died, unbeknownst to me). He went into frantic mode and started calling every hour, and finally (after the usual several evening martinis) called the parents-in-law. They wound up sending my brother-in-law over to confirm I was okay, because Dad "couldn't sleep" due to worrying about my possible demise. I was pretty darn aggravated. Hello, old dude, I do NOT live alone. If I dropped dead of a heart attack, or even wound up in the hospital for some reason, my kids would most likely let you know about it!

Sheesh. Old people. I mean... just... sheesh. I try to have the proper grateful attitude that Dad's made it to ninety-three, but sometimes I just have to go sheesh.

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