Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Remembered

I just published Love Remembered on Amazon. It'll take a day or two to go live, even if they don't ask me for proof of rights (as they did with Stranger). I've worked this one over, but it's still not perfect. It was my second book, and that shows, unfortunately. I did my best to get rid of the excessive adverbs and dialogue tags and general overwritten-ness, but there are other problems I couldn't fix without totally overhauling the whole thing. There are scenes that switch from one POV to another (fairly smoothly, I think, but I'd still never do that nowadays) and I think the suspense subplot is a bit on the bumpy side. Even so, I love the hero, probably best of all the heroes I've ever written, and I think overall it's a decent story. So up it goes, and I hope people will enjoy it. I'll try to get up a page with an excerpt on my site this afternoon.


  1. 1000 downloads in T minus 3...2...1.... :)

  2. Eh, we'll see. Poor little Farthest Space is still stumbling along, unloved and unwanted. At the rate it's going it won't hit a thousand downloads till 2012. It kind of depends on whether people like the genre or not, I guess. I'm thinking people don't love sci-fi spoofs. Is colonial American historical romance popular enough for people to want to take a chance on it? Hard to say...