Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magical Me *laughs at self*

Never Love a Stranger is now down to #318 in the Kindle store and #2 in time travel romance. I am totally thrilled. I've never had a book go that high in the Kindle store before, and I may never again, so I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts. Join me in drinking a Mountain Dew to celebrate, y'all!

Oh, the awards ceremony. Yeah, I made it in time... but my kid wasn't there. Turned out they'd moved her to the later ceremony (a small auditorium forced them to have two ceremonies) without telling me. I had to sit through two forty-five minute award ceremonies with a five-year-old, which was exactly as fun as it sounds. But my kid got recognized for being on the Honor Roll and for her amazing Accelerated Reader skills, so it's all good.

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