Saturday, June 26, 2010


A fascinating thread here on Kindleboards that makes me grateful I've been too lazy to utilize Smashwords. Apparently your prices are only updated through Smashwords every so often, so changes can take quite a while to take effect. This means that if you try to raise your price on Amazon to comply with the new royalty model, they may refuse to pay you at the higher rate if your other prices elsewhere haven't gone up. I admit I've gotten kind of spoiled by Amazon-- changes only take a day or two, and I can see my royalties (or lack of them, today!) as they're earned. Working with Smashwords sounds like slightly more of a trial. (Although if you can sell thousands of copies as the iBookstore heats up, it may well be worth the effort!)

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  1. I'm kind of worried about the Smashwords thing. I changed the price this week, and managed to screw up my premium catalog thing. I fixed it, but maybe that's a good thing as it only was shipped to two places before I screwed it up. It shows it at 2.99 there, so I hope the two it shipped to is also at $2.99.

    Hey, I started a thread on the Kindle board in the writer's cafe called Promotional contests for indie authors. Check it out and see if it's something you'd like to participate in.