Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sick dad

My dad, who's ninety-three, started feeling bad yesterday, and his blood pressure shot up. He called me, and I told him I'd take him to the doctor today. He'd had the same problem a couple of months ago, curiously. His friend/caregiver took him in that time, and he told me they'd checked him over very thoroughly and found nothing wrong, and his blood pressure had gone back to normal (of its own accord, as far as I knew).

Today he was really not feeling good, to the point where he was throwing up in the car (fortunately I found a bag just in time!). When we got called back, the doctor asked him if he was still taking his new blood pressure medication along with the old one. I hadn't even been aware he HAD a new blood pressure medication, because he hadn't mentioned it. My dad hemmed and hawed, but the upshot was that he had thought he was only supposed to take the first month's worth. So he'd gone off the new medicine, and unsurprisingly, his blood pressure had shot back up.

I was mildly irritated, because if I'd known he'd been prescribed a new medicine after his last blood pressure spike, then of course I would have just made him REFILL THE PRESCRIPTION, and we could have saved our time and the doctor's. But at his age, he gets to be clueless if he wants to be *shrugs*. We refilled his prescription, and from now on I'll be the one taking him to doctor appointments, just to make sure I know what's going on:-).

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