Friday, June 18, 2010

Um... what?

My son (9) brought home his test scores in math and reading. In reading, he reads at a ninth-grade level-- no surprise there; the only surprise is that it isn't higher. The kid reads all sorts of heavy nonfiction about World War II and science. Naturally he has a big vocabulary. But this kind of blows my mind: he scored 11.2 in math, meaning that "his test performance is therefore comparable to that of an average eleventh grader after the second month of the school year." It also says that "if the school's curriculum allows for study of algebra at this point, he can begin that study.... If you are using the Accelerated Math management software system with W, assign the Grade 8 library. This library should provide a good match for his abilities."

And here I thought math wasn't his strong suit *scratches head*.


  1. My daughter just graduated the 6th grade, and last year (in the 5th grade) she was doing Alegrba stuff that I didn't do until I was a freshman in high school! I couldn't even help her with her homework. Crazy!

    Kids are smarter these days. Smarter than me anyways. ;-)


  2. That's amazing. Congrats to him and you!