Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Various stuff

I got a pretty negative review on Farthest Space. Not an unfair review by any means; the reviewer said that humor was subjective and that it didn't work for her. (It is very over-the-top, and that kind of humor is not for everyone.) She gave it three stars, which was very kind considering the content of the review. But since there are only two reviews on Amazon, that one seems to be impacting sales pretty badly. I haven't sold a single copy since it was posted. Hopefully people will get back to trying the sample and deciding if they want to read it, rather than being put off by the review. This is one reason a lot of indie authors try to get as many reviews as possible; one bad one impacts you less if you have twenty reviews, rather than two.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get stuff uploaded on Amazon, and the DTP isn't working. Grrr, Amazon!

Good news is that Impy gobbled down quite a bit of chicken and rice last night, and kept it down. I think he's recovering, yay!

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