Saturday, July 3, 2010

A nice review

I hadn't really looked at Isn't It Romantic? on Amazon lately, but I was surprised to see I got a massively glowing review back in the middle of June. It's only four stars (the writer does say things happen too fast and that I need to invest in a thesaurus *g*), but it's still really ravingly good.. He called me "a writer to watch" and went on: "I just genuinely feel that this writer is magic. She writes people with real world flaws and concerns that make you feel for them immediately, and their inner 'demons' are the kind we all deal with, yet she still manages to keep the fun and charm in the romance... I suppose it's possible that this was the one time Ms. Fisher nailed it and the rest of her books won't measure up. But I doubt it. This kind of writing isn't a fluke. But I'll know soon enough. Her next book awaits in my Kindle queue. Come on. Try it! It's only 99 cents and easily worth twice that! LOL"

That's a really nice review. Unfortunately, when I look at the details, it's the kind of review that's bound to be labeled fake if I promote it. The reviewer has only one other review, and it's for a Blu-Ray. I am fairly certain I don't know this person, but looking at it objectively, it totally looks like a friends-and-family kind of review. Therefore, I won't promote it on the Amazon boards. But I do wonder if it's been helping to drive IIR's rather good sales.

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