Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sales figures

Without going into specific figures, here's how my sales have been over the last few days. I'm not selling quite as many copies as I was before the price change, but I'm probably making more money (the weekly report doesn't give actual royalties earned, so I won't know that for sure for a few days). Never Love a Stranger is my best seller, due in large part to my purchased ad on Kindle Nation Daily. In the Mood and Isn't It Romantic? are doing quite well. Farthest Space is starting to show signs of life. All I Ever Wanted is not selling nearly as many as it did, but since I raised the price I may be making more on it. I may consider having that one featured on Kindle Nation Daily, too. Love Remembered is hardly selling; it still only has a one-star review up. Sales will probably go up if I get a good review, but the catch-22 in this situation is that if people aren't buying it, I'm a lot less likely to get reviews. Still, we'll hope for the best on that one. And finally, Unwrapped had a decent start yesterday. I hope it'll keep going!

Overall... could be better, could be worse. I'll be interested in seeing how total earnings this month stack up against last month.

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