Monday, July 5, 2010


I took all the kiddies to Toy Story 3 this afternoon. I wept through practically the whole thing (and for a while afterwards, to my immense embarrassment). So did my oldest. The rest of the kids were less moved, although they enjoyed it. But I think the theme of "sooner or later, kids must grow up" naturally resonates most strongly with me and the teenager. I will say that IMHO it was a bit intense for a G rating; my five-year-old handled it fine, but I hear that my six-year-old nephew freaked out in a couple of places. So parents be warned.

I heard back from the publisher of my single book written under a pen name, and they will be reverting the rights to me effective late November. Now I have to figure out how to promote a book under a different name, without any sort of apparent malfeasance (for example, I don't want to create a second account on Amazon, lest people think I might use it to review my own books or something). I'm not quite sure how to manage that. Study is required.

Unwrapped has appeared on the Amazon site, but is still labeled "not available." That usually means it'll be up tomorrow morning, but don't buy it yet; I need to check and make sure I uploaded the correct version before I start promoting it!

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