Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back from vacation

The kids and I had a great time in Orlando. We visited all four Disney parks and both Universal parks, as well as a water park. Harry Potter was great, and if you get the chance to go it's worth it to stand in line for the Forbidden Journey (we were lucky and only had to wait an hour or so). None of us cared for butterbeer or pumpkin juice except for the eldest child, who loved them both. We did buy wands.

Overall, it was a nearly perfect vacation. Alas, on the final day I got woozy from the heat (Florida heat just kills me), fell over a curb, and faceplanted, pretty much smashing one of my front teeth to smithereens. I'll need to see the dentist this week, obviously. Otherwise I was unharmed (except for skinned knees and a fat lip), which was lucky-- I slammed into the ground pretty hard and could easily have broken an arm if I'd fallen wrong. But other than that unfortunate mishap, it was a great trip. I hope to get some pictures of our vacation up tomorrow!

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