Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am frustrated because of my Crohn's colitis. It's been kicking up for a while, but since my vacation it's been flaring up like crazy. I feel terrible all the time, have lost a lot of weight, and recently was told that I'm extremely anemic. I have another week to struggle through before I get some testing done, and hopefully at that point things will begin to get better. But right now, I'm irritated because I don't have the energy to write. I have two books almost ready to post on Amazon, and I just cannot get up enough energy to care.

It's frustrating, because I really wanted to rededicate myself to writing and start churning out books. But sometimes stuff happens, I guess. I hope soon I'll be better, and will be able to get back to writing like a madwoman.

And speaking of Crohn's, I recently read a very good and amusing book about colitis called ColitiScope. (Say it out loud and you'll get the pun.) It's not a topic that's easy to approach with humor, but the author manages it. I enjoyed it.

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  1. I don't have Crohn's and your writing output puts me to shame. Take it easy and get well soon.

    P.S. Thanks for the link to the book. I have a friend who suffers with Crohn's, who will no doubt appreciate the recommendation.