Thursday, September 2, 2010

My kid is weird

I took Kid #4 to kindergarten orientation. There was a cute little picture of a schoolhouse to color while the teacher talked. Every other child in the room colored the picture neatly, and most of the finished products had a certain generic sameness-- the walls were inevitably red, the roof black, the bushes green. They were almost eerily similar.

Kid #4, while he is capable of coloring neatly in the lines, prefers to do his own drawing. He drew what might have appeared to be scribbles all over the paper, but explained them to me later: "This is a black hole in the sky. These are maneating bushes (teeth and eyes added to the bushes)-- see, that one is sleepy, that's why its eyes look like that. There's a flood (blue scribbles everywhere). Oh, and there's a secret treasure chest with gold coming out!"

Uh-huh. I do believe my child is a divergent thinker. Wonder what the teacher's going to think about his drawing? Too bad he didn't get a chance to explain it to her... I'd love to see her reaction to "maneating bushes."

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