Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How much am I worth?

I blogged a while back about finding a paperback edition of my historical Love Remembered on eBay for almost a hundred dollars (it unsurprisingly remained unpurchased). The other day I saw a copy of my book Never Love a Stranger sell on eBay for three dollars. Now here's someone trying to sell a paperback copy of the same book for thirty dollars.

I guess I appreciate the compliment, but really, just go buy the 99 cent Kindle edition, guys. I'm not worth thirty bucks!

Also, I was pleased to see myself mentioned in this interview with Ruth Francisco as an "established author." Sounds more impressive than I believe I really am:-). Still, nice to be mentioned!


  1. Wow. Did you have them printed with gold plated covers? ;-) Seriously, that is kind of cool that someone is putting them up for that amount. Had you signed them?

  2. I don't think so. I think it's just that they're small press books with tiny runs (I don't think there were more than a hundred copies of Love Remembered ever printed), and the sellers are optimistic that this makes them valuable. However, until I get to be better known I really doubt anyone's going to pay as much as thirty bucks for one of my books, let alone ninety-five. The one priced at three bucks sold, though!