Sunday, October 3, 2010


I reduced my $2.99 books to 99 cents because I've been too sick for promotion, and my sales were suffering. It seems to have been a good idea. All I Ever Wanted and Never Love a Stranger aren't exactly blazing up the charts, but they are selling. They had pretty much come to a dead stop previously, so this is an improvement. Again, I don't blame this on the price itself as much as on my failure to promote. It's a bit harder to sell books at a higher price if you don't make yourself visible.

In the Mood and Isn't It Romantic? continue to zoom along as my best sellers, selling at a quite respectable rate, but Unwrapped is also doing well. I imagine that one may pick up a bit in the next couple of months, as Christmas approaches. Love Remembered isn't selling much (I think I established myself too firmly as a contemporary romance author on Kindle before introducing it), and poor little Farthest Space is hardly selling at all, which is ironic, considering it's my only professional cover. I think a sci-fi romance spoof is just a really hard sell:-).

Overall, it seems that what sells best on Kindle for me is light, fun contemporary novellas, and that might be a smart place for me to focus at this point.

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