Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been wanting to check out the NookColor, so after I visited Dad at the rehab center today, I dropped by the local Barnes and Noble. There was someone already playing with the display NookColor, but the salesperson kindly broke out a second one for me to play with. I liked it. It's heavier than the original Nook and the K3, of course, but I'm used to the Kindle DX, so that doesn't bother me much. It had very good response, which was my main concern-- the first Nook was clearly rolled out slightly before it was ready for prime time, and didn't respond well before its software was upgraded, but this touch screen was responsive, and it pulled things up quickly.

The upshot is that I went ahead and bought one (I won't get it till early December, which is fine, since it's my Christmas present to myself). I don't expect it to replace my beloved eInk device; I got this more for newspaper and magazine reading, and will probably continue reading novels on my Kindle. I think it will be fun to have both.

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  1. Is there a long waiting list to get one? I'm thinking of getting one for my dh for Christmas. While the price is good, it's still on the high end, and we usually get the kids stuff first.