Friday, November 26, 2010


I had to go into B&N today to get my NookColor (haven't plugged it in and charged it up yet, though). I would never voluntarily step into a store on Black Friday, but it came in late Wednesday, and because it's a hot item they could only hold it through today. Thanks so much, guys:-P. But I hung out with my dad in the morning and went over there about midafternoon, and it wasn't too insane. I bought a snazzy hot pink cover for it, too.

Anyway, the Nook guy told me he'd already sold forty NookColors today. There was a really big crowd around the Nook kiosk, so I could easily believe it was selling well. I guess a lot of people don't mind LCD screens. I still think I'll mostly use it for magazine reading, not book reading-- but honestly, I don't think too many people are hardcore novel readers anyway. So I have no problem believing there's a substantial market for it.


  1. I saw them at Best Buy today and there were only two there. I'd been thinking of getting my dh one, but he wasn't sure he wanted it. We looked at the display one--side note, the sales guy had no idea what he was doing. When I asked if they had Nook Color, he had a blank expression, then went over to the regular Nook. I had to tell him, no, that's not NookColor, then I saw the color one and pointed to it. lol He was clueless.

    Anyway, played with it for a minute and we almost left, but I was worried they'd be hard to find later, so we bought one. It's for him, but I know I'm going to play with it. lol

  2. You were lucky that they had any. Mine had to be ordered.

    My sales guy really knew what he was doing, and he also didn't seem to be slamming Kindles, which I appreciated (I've heard B&N salespeople sometimes outright lie about the Kindle's features). You'd think your sales guy would at least know the diff between the Nook and the NookColor:-).

  3. ETA: But my sales guy was at B&N, not Best Buy, so presumably that makes a difference:-).