Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas break

Christmas break has been surprisingly fun, despite the snowstorm that stranded us in the house for a few days. The oldest kid got Firefly, watched it through, loved it, and is now making me watch two or three episodes a day. I don't love it as much as she does, but it's certainly very enjoyable. Meanwhile, we finished our Star Trek: DS9 watch and are most of the way through the first season of Star Trek Voyager, which is adequate, if no Deep Space Nine.

The other kids are busy with their new books and toys. The youngest got a Leapster from Santa, along with a Star Wars reading game, and I hear him playing it and sounding out words. He's really coming along as a reader. The older boy is immersed in World War II-- he got tanks, soldiers, books, and the Axis and Allies game. So he's very busily occupied creating an entire war zone in the game room. And the younger girl is reading and rereading the fantasy books she got.

So everyone's happy, and for once I'm not even particularly eager for school to start up again!

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