Monday, January 10, 2011

B&N's accounting sucks

Barnes and Noble hasn't updated PubIt since the fifth (and the numbers I have up through that day are almost certainly not complete). As of yesterday, they were still updating December's numbers. It's a little frustrating that Amazon can update its numbers in more or less real time, while PubIt seems incapable of keeping up. And yes, I know traditionally published authors don't get to see their numbers for months and months. But as an indie, I've gotten used to seeing my numbers at least once a day or so.

Anyway, they keep assuring us that yes, they ARE keeping track of the numbers, and that it will all catch up eventually. But it's a little aggravating, even so. I can't even make a reasonable guess at how many books I've sold this month through them, which makes it hard to know how I'm doing. Sigh... hopefully it'll be straightened out soon.

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