Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good stuff sells... and bad stuff, too

It's discouraging to take a look at samples from an indie author who's selling well and see that his/her books are frankly atrocious. I'm not talking "could use an edit," but "reads as if it were written by a third-grader for whom English is a second language." I hate to see a book like that being associated with other, better indie books. And yet... well, sometimes stuff like that does sell, for a while, at least. I just try to remind myself that other people's books do not reflect upon my own, or even upon indies as a whole. One person's writing is just that-- one person's writing.

On the flip side, I picked up a book from another indie the other day, and her writing was excellent-- as good as any traditionally published book, in my estimation. And she's selling well, too. I rejoice with the good indie authors who sell, and imagine that the bad ones will fade away eventually.

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