Friday, January 14, 2011


I came across a promotional post on the romance forum, and looked up the author's book. It was published by PublishAmerica, it was a paperback with a generic cover, and it was thirty dollars. No ebook edition was available.

Why? Why on earth is anyone still publishing with PublishAmerica? Don't these newbie writers do a speck of research before they hand their manuscript over to these people? Seriously? Anyway, since she was looking for input on her second book, I posted a very polite response asking her to Google them thoroughly before publishing with them again. I also suggested that thirty dollars was rather too much to expect readers to pay for an unknown author (yeah, that's an understatement, all right) and that she might be better off just self-pubbing on Kindle. She'll probably resent my response, but hopefully she'll take a look at Google and learn something. One may hope.

But it just boggles my mind. PublishAmerica. Thirty dollars. Yeesh.

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