Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is me griping

I'm starting to get very annoyed with the whole 99 cents debate. I'm fine with people saying, "I prefer to price my books higher." Price your books however you want-- that's not my concern. But I am getting really irritated by people who try to exert pressure on other authors, and imply that 1. those who price at 99 cents are either writing crap (which only sells well because it's low priced) or causing readers to think indie books are crap, and 2. those who price at 99 cents are making it impossible for others to price their books higher. 1. isn't really worth discussing-- it's frankly impossible to confirm or deny. The fact that so many people buy books at 99 cents would tend to suggest people don't think they're crap, but it's impossible to say what readers think as a whole. 2. is clearly not true-- there are plenty of people out there selling at higher prices, so if your books aren't selling at higher prices, you can't blame it on someone else's low prices.

But these threads bashing 99 cent books continue, and get more and more of an adversarial flavor all the time. It's getting to the point where any day now, I expect to go to Kindleboards and see a thread about why 99 cent books are the cause of global warming.

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