Saturday, February 19, 2011

An earnings report

I looked over my reports this morning and found that I've already earned more money in the first nineteen days of February than I made in all of January-- and January was far and away my best month ever for sales up to that point. And the month is not over yet. (Note that this is for both pen names.) I observe that my sales on Amazon are down quite a bit... I'm making the vast majority of my sales on B&N right now. I do believe I'm a PubIt fan:-).


  1. You are the second person I've read about that seems to be doing better on B & N. Interesting...


  2. It really seems to depend. B&N is a strange place-- you can suddenly get a sprinkle of the magic PubIt dust, and your book will take off for no reason that anyone can discern. However, in general, erotica/erotic romance, paranormal, and YA seem to do best over there.

  3. Cool, I hope you continue to make bank :) You deserve it!