Saturday, February 5, 2011


Nothing irritates me more than when I post a promo on one of the Amazon threads dedicated to that purpose, and then someone posts one of those loooooong boooooorrrring posts listing all their books, the descriptions, and the reviews right after me. I have the strong suspicion no one reads those posts (I know I don't; keep it short and interesting or I'll skim right over you), but I also think they probably cause people to skim right over the post or two above it, too. Do me a favor and don't bore my readers along with yours:-P.

My advice is, don't be one of those people. Loooooong boooorrrring posts do not encourage readers to do anything but yawn and scroll past.


  1. Ellen, Where are you posting? I don't really get the Kindleboards thus far. :(


  2. Oh, this isn't Kindleboards, it's Amazon. Go here:

    ...and look for threads such as "February Indie Authors Thread" and "Have you published a book on the Kindle?" Those are straight promo threads, and you can promote your book there without fear of backlash.

  3. Thanks Ellen. Maybe someday I'll even learn how to spell my own name. LOL!