Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of sick kids and scared moms

I was trying to get a book up today, but my oldest, who's had a cold, developed a rather ugly cough this morning, so I kept her home from school and got her a doctor appointment. (She has bronchitis and the doctor prescribed antibiotics, which should rapidly correct the problem.) I did get a good deal of editing done despite this, but the book isn't quite finished. Hopefully tomorrow will be a quiet day, so I can get all my work finished.

In the afternoon, the kid felt better, and (having gotten her learners permit yesterday) insisted on taking the car around the neighborhood for the first time. Despite a couple of scary moments (it's harder to steer around a corner than you might think, apparently), she did very well. I tried really hard not to be one of those nervous jittering parents (I had two of them, and didn't appreciate learning to drive with them), but I'm not really sure how well I did. Letting a fifteen-year-old drive your car is honestly a bit scary.

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