Saturday, February 26, 2011

Writing is a business

Every now and then, I see someone say something like, "Oh, you silly indie writers! All you're interested in is money! What about art?"

Well, what about it? Some of us write art, and some of us are just hack writers, but hopefully we're all trying to improve our writing to the best of our ability. But what's wrong with trying to make money at it as well? No one should feel like they have to apologize for being happy about making money. Writing is a business. A lot of indies are thrilled and excited because this is the first time (perhaps in ten or twenty years) that they've ever made significant amounts of money at writing, and that's a great feeling. Why chastise them for it, and suggest that they're focusing on the wrong thing?

Personally, it seems to me that if I find myself making more and more money at writing, that's an indication that my business is becoming more successful all the time. And that's something to cheer about.


  1. I thought it was the commercial writers who sold (out) to big NY conglomerates who only cared about money?? I am so confused! *heh*

  2. Nope, apparently indie writers are all money-grubbers too.

    Honestly? I *am* a money-grubber, and proud of it. When you've got four kids to support, money-grubbing is totally the way to go!

  3. The point of art is to communicate, so if nobody gets it, is it very good art? Also, those of us with kids to feed and clothe do not really care if it's crass to care about money. Speaking for myself, unexpected child #3 and huge medical/insurance bills mean expect more books fast.

  4. "Speaking for myself, unexpected child #3 and huge medical/insurance bills mean expect more books fast."

    Well, we are all delighted by unexpected child #3. Yay for more Charlene Teglia books!

    But yes, as a mom, I can't afford to sit around worrying about whether my books are art or not. I write to entertain people, of course. But I also write to make money. There's nothing crass or wrong about that, IMHO.

  5. The most important thing is to please yourself. Then good things follow. :-)