Thursday, March 3, 2011

A brief rant

Some of the arguments made by other authors about B&N's removal of the samples from erotica amaze me. They include:

1. Erotica writers are just overreacting.

2. It's just business on B&N's part, and clearly erotica writers don't understand business.

3. Erotica writers should have expected something like this to happen, so why are they complaining?

4. B&N doesn't review indie books before they're posted, and so they have to limit their liability this way. (If so, then taking the sample off clearly labeled and marked erotica makes no sense-- shouldn't they just take it off ALL indie books?).

5. Erotica writers aren't worried about the principle of the thing as much as they're worried about their bottom line. (Why is this a problem? Is there something wrong with being worried about one's income?)

In any event, as usual, it's clear that other authors aren't going to get upset about it until it happens to them. But if B&N takes away samples from all PubIt work, you can bet there will be a furious outcry, and that suddenly it will matter.


  1. Man, I feel like it's back to the old days of erotic romance publishing where everybody was piling on. :(

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  4. Oh, well, it's not everybody by any means. But in any large, varied group of writers, you will inevitably run into some who think that romance/erotica novels are all crap, and that any fool can write them, and that it's an easy way to make millions, and... you know all the cliches:-). They tend not to have much sympathy for erotica writers, probably because they feel like we're doing it the "easy" way, and so we don't really deserve any success we get. I try to let it roll off my back, since I'm pretty used to it after all these years as a romance author, but every now and then I have to vent.

  5. I hear you. Remind me again, when does it get easy? *ggg